Two freed after 30 years

Nearly two years after their matter was highlighted one of two men, who had been lost in the Psychiatric Hospital’s system for more than 30 years after receiving Her Majesty’s Pleasure, will be going home today.

The other will also be discharged today but will remain at the facility’s quarter-way house, on a voluntary basis, until rental accommodation can be found.

The matters have prompted Justice Randall Worrell to suggest that the process of dealing with such inmates needed to be streamlined and possibly strengthened by legislative framework so that a similar situation did not occur.

“We hope that this process can be streamlined at some stage, probably by way of some sort of legislative force but thank you very much for all that you have done,” the judge told psychiatrist and Senior Registrar of the Psychiatric Hospital, Dr Ronald Chase.

Justice Worrell was speaking as long lifers John Brathwaite and Theo Bourne were back before him in the No 2 Supreme Court yesterday. (HLE)

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