Two found not guilty in ‘gun on grave case’

The gun that dropped on the grave of former sea cadet Adrianna Sobers did not belong to either Alana Nikita Crystal Nervais or Akmal Terrill Haynes.

In addition, neither Nervais nor Haynes had stolen the gun, while Haynes had not assaulted Chief Petty Officer Ryan Selby that day.

These were the night-time majority verdicts of a jury in the No. 3 Supreme Court last week.

Nervais, of Ashby Alley, Nelson Street, St Michael, and Haynes, of My Lord’s Hill, St Michael, had been accused of having a black Glock pistol in their possession and stealing the firearm belonging to the State in its rights as the Government of Barbados on April 20, 2015.

Haynes was solely accused of assaulting Chief Petty Officer Selby also on April 20, 2015.

Principal State Counsel Neville Watson and State Counsel Treann Knight prosecuted, while Haynes was represented by attorney Sian Lange, and Nervais by attorneys Latisha Springer and Krystal Fenty.

The jury returned an eight/one majority not guilty verdict on each count.

Justice Carlisle Greaves, who presided, then told the accused they were free to go. (HLE)


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