Two children injured in crash

A vehicle crashed into a house in Rices, St Philip on Friday, and the driver fled the scene, leaving behind two injured children and extensive property damage.

Harriet Davis, owner of the property, recalled that she was having breakfast as normal when she realised something was not quite right.

“I was there having my breakfast,” she began, “and I just see the car piling towards the house and next thing you know, I just heard ‘bruggadung’ and all the ornaments and thing began to fall. When I opened the door, I saw the man put the two children on the step and I sprung into action to help them.”

Davis claims that there were four people in the vehicle – a male driver, one woman in the front seat and two children in the back seat.

“The man got out of the car, put the children on the step and ran. We have not seen him up to now. We don’t know what the man looks like or anything.”

The two children were left bleeding until Davis used a towel to compress the wounds.

These ornaments, some of which were about 30 years old, did not survive the crash. (Picture by Lennox Devonish)

The crash moved the house off its bricks, caved in the patio, put several cracks in the walls including by the roof and perhaps most importantly to Davis, destroyed some of her ornaments.

When asked about the adornments decorating the outside of her house of 30 years, she said: “These cost a good set of money because they are very old and I had them for a long time. I must have had some of these over 30 years because I had them when my children were small.” (JC)


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