Tuition fees going up for UWI students

Students attending The University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus will have to pay more in tuition fees from this academic year.

In an email, the university recently informed students that “there has been a slight increase in tuition fees effective the 2023/24 academic year for students in non-self-financed programmes in the faculties of culture, creative and performing arts, humanities and education, science and technology, and social sciences.”

Officials say the fees have increased by $100 per year. However, the fees for the faculties of law and medical science remain unchanged.

The University further informed students that registration fees must be paid prior to course registration and that they will not be able to complete registration for courses until Semester 1 registration fees are paid.

In addition, students who have arrears on their account will not be able to register for courses until they have cleared their arrears or made special arrangements with the bursary to enable course registration.

The Campus added: “All students, including those who are sponsored by their governments or have scholarships, must pay the university registration fees or the system will not permit completion of course registration adding that university registration fees cannot be included in a payment plan.

“Remember that you are not a fully registered student until you have paid your fees, arranged with the Bursary for a payment plan, or confirmed sponsorship arrangements with the Bursary,” the UWI further noted in its email. (MB)

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