Tropical Storm watch discontinued

The tropical storm watch for Barbados has been discontinued.

The threat of sustained storm force winds has diminished over the past few hours as Hurricane Tammy moves northwest of the island.

Radar data and a Barbados Meteorological Services unmanned surface vessel to the east of Barbados do not support the extension of the storm watch. As a result, it was discontinued at 11 p.m. Friday.

However, occasional gusts up to storm force are possible in heavy shower activity as feeder bands continue to affect the island.

The flash-flood warning, small craft warning and high surf advisory remain in effect and there is still a weak possibility of severe thunderstorms and gusts up to storm force throughout the night.

The public is urged to continue to monitor alerts issued by the Barbados Meteorological Services and follow the guidance and recommendations provided by the Department of Emergency Management. (PR/SAT)

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