Tough words for gun importers

Justice Wanda Blair has added her voice to those crying out for the importers of illegal guns to be rooted out and brought to justice.

Her call came in the No. 5A Supreme Court as she sentenced a man, who confessed to having two loaded illegal guns, to ten years in jail.

“This court must express its concern about the proliferation of firearms in Barbados,” she said last Friday. “Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a firearm waiting to use it if the opportunity presents itself. Unfortunately, the opportunities have been presenting themselves too frequently for comfort in this small society.

“I join the chorus of those who have said it before me, and concerned members of the public, for the persons importing and sneaking in the firearms across our borders to be apprehended and brought to justice. We have to find the sources of these firearms coming into Barbados and root them out,” the judge declared.

She was speaking as she dealt with Donston McDonald Powlett, a porter, of 6th Avenue, New Orleans, St Michael, who admitted having a Glock .45-auto calibre pistol, as well as a Taurus 9mm Luger pistol, on November 14, 2018. (HLE)

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