Too slow in going green

Barbados is on the road to electrifying its transportation, but Central Bank Governor Cleviston Haynes wants the effort accelerated as the country pursues its “ambitious target” of becoming a fully renewable energy economy by 2030.

He said so as the Central Bank published Barbados Statistical Service (BSS) data showing that in recent times the importation of hybrid vehicles, which still required fuel to function, were outnumbering fully electric vehicles.

Haynes also acknowledged that international supply chain problems could currently be a challenge for Barbadians seeking to shift to more environmentally friendly vehicle options.

With Government currently offering a tax ease for motorists seeking to make the transition, he also saw the need for better marketing of the incentives.

The Transport Board currently has a fleet of electric vehicles which were pressed into service in August 2020 and there are a number of privately-owned hybrids and electric vehicles used by businesses and individuals. (SC)


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