Three in a row for St Lucy

Parish ambassadors Amario Rollock and Destiny Cummins and attendant Tito Rock bagged another win for the St Lucy Parish Independence Committee, making it three in a row in those categories for the team from the north in this year’s Spirit of the Nation Show.

The cheering that followed the announcement of Rock as Attendant of the Year (the first prize announced) and that Shemila Scantlebury gained second place in the Committee Member of the Year category (announced second) multiplied when they heard their health and wellness-focused project titled Building and Nurturing for a Healthier Tomorrow was deemed the best and they had copped another Parish Project of the Year prize.

But that was nothing compared to what was to come.

Spontaneous, uncontained eruptions of screams of joy and unbridled excitement from members of the committee and other supporters rippled through the Wildey Gymnasium Saturday night, seconds after Rollock and Cummins were acclaimed Most Outstanding Ambassadors, ensuring the coveted title remained in the bosom of the people from the northernmost parish for the third consecutive year. (DS)

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