Tenant seeking injunction

While the announced closing off of Cavans Lane and Fort Willoughby in Bridgetown for the Pierhead Development Project did not take place yesterday as advertised, the last remaining tenant said he has advised his attorney to file for an injunction against the action.

Daud Bhana, who has been operating a store in the area for 22 years, said he needed another month to get out his stock.

“I spoke to my lawyer about filing an injunction. As far as I know he is getting all of the paperwork together,” Bhana said, adding he was having sales on the items in order to move them out of the store.

On Sunday, in a paid press release, it was stated that the erection of construction hoarding would commence from yesterday and that Cavans Lane would be closed off to the public as well as the Fort Willoughby entrance to the beach.

The $160 million redevelopment project, which is being undertaken by a private developer, is expected to last four years. It involves construction of condominiums, commercial and office space, restaurants, as well as a marine, recreational and entertainment facilities.

Meanwhile, Troy Hinds, who was locked out of the Marina Bar & Restaurant for three years, which he and his wife operated at Cavans Lane, complained yesterday that several of his items were removed from the restaurant and put into a skip.

“These people dump all of my things as if I is a dog. This is the worst thing that has happened. I can’t believe that [there are] laws in Barbados. I can’t believe these are my possessions that they say they gine secure,” he angrily declared as he pointed to chairs, tables and other things which were in the skip.

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