Tattoo Fest is back

Barbados International Tattoo Fest promises to be bigger and better this year, with more opportunities for local tattoo artists, says event organiser Dominic Jaglal.

The event, which is in its third year, has expanded to two days instead of the usual one, at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre on October 7-8, 2023. It will host 60 exhibitors, including local, regional, and international tattoo artists.

Jagal said he made the event for two days because of the “overwhelming” response last year.

“The response was amazing and what even tipped the scale was that at the point in time, there were so many other events happening, but we were still able to make an impact with our event. It was an overwhelming response, so much so that we decided to have a two-day event,” he disclosed.

The event which had attracted tattoo artists from all over the world last year, is expected to do the same this weekend, which Jaglal said will be a benefit to Barbados as a tourist destination.

“There were many [tattoo artists] who were here for the first time exploring and visiting Barbados, so they love the island. This event did not only benefit us the promotors of the event financially but it benefited the island of Barbados as well, as once again when the event was finished tattoo artists went and explored the islands and were able to vacation there”.

Jagal also believes this event will provide a prime opportunity for tattoo enthusiasts and designers to learn more about the industry. He noted that in some cases people decided to take up Tattoo designing as a profession after coming to the event.

“The event has many elements that help the community. It helps first-time Tattoo collectors understand the proper health and safety procedures for getting a tattoo. They get to see the different styles and types of work from local, international, and regional artists and they are also able to learn various techniques”, he added.

The event which was first held in Barbados back in 2019, has partnered with several businesses across the island, in hopes of promoting economic activity, said Jaglal.

“So what is happening this year, as we revolutionize the events from just a tattoo festival, to now having an experience so no longer are we just selling tickets to come to an event, we’re actually selling the entire island.

we have merged with our lots of businesses locally to get discounts, to throw parties and little specials and stuff. So it’s not just about coming to Barbados Tattoo Fest, it’s coming to Barbados, and experiencing the entire island and helping Barbados, mainly with small businesses and stuff like that, where know we could put back money into the economy by inviting our international tattoo artistes,” he disclosed.


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