St Lucia appoints special prosecutor

CASTRIES  – The St Lucia government Monday announced that the Judicial and Legal Services Commission had appointed veteran attorney Robert Innocent as a special prosecutor.

“This appointment underscores the government’s unwavering commitment to addressing cases of misconduct and combating various forms of corruption by persons holding public office. Innocent’s wealth of experience positions him as a dedicated and capable leader in the pursuit of justice,” a brief government statement said.

It said that the appointment of Innocent, who has 30 years of experience in various judicial roles, including the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution and the Magistracy, “marks a significant step forward in the government’s ongoing efforts to uphold the principles of transparency, accountability and integrity.

“The government of St Lucia firmly believes that this appointment will strengthen the mechanisms in place to investigate and prosecute instances of corruption, sending a clear message that misconduct by public officials will not be tolerated,” the statement added.

It said that the Phillip J Pierre government  has “confidence in Innocent’s ability to contribute significantly to the pursuit of justice and the upholding of the rule of law in St Lucia”. (CMC)

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