Short-term notice for principals

Hours before the new school term began, secondary school principals, deputy principals and teachers were getting late-night phone calls telling them they had been reassigned. Some were even informed early yesterday morning.

Chief Education Officer Dr Ramona Archer-Bradshaw, speaking during a tour of St Stephen’s Primary School in Black Rock, St Michael yesterday, disclosed that 12 principals and 17 deputy principals were either reassigned or promoted.

“The Ministry of Education received notification very recently about the appointments and assignments of principals and deputy principals at secondary schools across Barbados.

As soon as we did, we convened meetings to determine the assignments and shortly thereafter made contact with all those who were to be appointed and assigned. Based on the correspondence, the appointments and assignments should take effect from September 18.

“In terms of adjustments, this morning we had education officers on site to facilitate the transitions. We called in those who had acted before and who will now be reverted to their previous positions to come and have discussions. We had counsellors and social workers on hand and those meetings will continue because there will be a cascading effect.”


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