Shoppers welcome cashless checkout system

Some shoppers at Massy Stores Supermarket in Sunset Crest, Holetown, St James have given the newly implemented cashless checkout system the thumbs-up.

The system, which started on June 17, is the first ever self-checkout of its kind in the island and some customers have embraced it.

Shopper Janelle J said she appreciated the quick and easy method of the cashless checkout.

“If you’ve ever watched a cashier cashing it’s very much the same thing minus the cash and you omit the long lines,” she said.

Ricardo Miller, another regular at the location believes that as fewer people carry cash on their person and use debit cards more often, the cashless service will become easier and convenient.

“It’s easier to just grab in a few things because sometimes if you come from work or early in the morning and you want to come grab an egg, you just want to come boom and swipe the egg and swipe your card and just go through,” he said.

Recently, businessman Eddie Abed urged businesses to make the push towards cashless systems. The former Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry president said too many businesses were still conducting a high volume of their business transactions in cash. He said a case could be made for digital solutions such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, which were staples in most metropolitan countries.

The longstanding businessman urged companies to thoroughly examine their vulnerabilities and come up with tailor-made solutions to address the concerns. (JRN)

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