Sexual leanings again on agenda

The issue of sexual orientation was raised yet again when the Joint Select Committee heard further submissions on the Child Protection and the Child Justice Bills in the Senate Chamber yesterday.

The Democratic Labour Party, the Christian organisation Family-Faith-Freedom Barbados and the Barbados Bar Association participated in the session.

Family-Faith-Freedom Barbados expressed concern about the language of sections of the legislation and possible interpretations which they suggested could open the door for what they considered a worrisome issue.

Community outreach officer, attorney Davida Maynard-Holligan, explained the organisation’s aim was “to seek to transform our society by promoting truth according to the dictates of the Bible by fostering strong natural families and by building up communities”.

She appealed for a review of definitions in the legislation, saying that specifically with regard to the Child Protection Bill, “the language is too wide”.

She added that her organisation strongly encouraged “that definition be given to moral danger” as there could arise direct conflict between a section of the bill “which introduces the concept of moral danger and the established doctrine of parental rights”. (GC)

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