Senator proposes whistleblower law

Government Senator and attorney-at-law Gregory Nicholls says whistleblower legislation may soon have to be considered an option in the fight against gun-related crimes.

Speaking during Wednesday’s debate on the Firearm (Amendment) Bill, 2022 in The Senate, Nicholls said “if you do the crime, you must do the time” and the sentences for gun crimes and gun violence “are too light”.

The Bill, which was later passed, will see stiffer penalties ranging from ten years to life imprisonment for gun offences being implemented.

“We have to punish people who have the temerity to do those brazen acts of violence, shooting a man on the beach with his child in his hand. We didn’t know that kind of crime in Barbados. While gun violence has always been a problem, . . . the brazenness of it is what is shocking the conscience of Barbadians. . .” (Nation News)

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