Santia: Pothole fix coming

Deputy Prime Minister Santia Bradshaw says Government is working on a road rehabilitation programme, including a fix for those pesky potholes.

Bradshaw was addressing the St Michael Speaks leg of the Barbados Labour Party town hall meetings at Springer Memorial School earlier this week. She says part of the fix includes more teams on the road and more equipment.

“We had a joint meeting (of my ministry and the Barbados Water Authority) not only to deal with potholes, but to look at road reinstatement generally. A lot of people were complaining that the road gets dug up [and] months later, years later, nobody has come back to fix it. So we have agreed in principle that there some aspects that the MTW will obviously deal with it in terms of reinstatement.

“That means as well that if we see potholes along the same road, that we are not just going into the areas to fix the same roads that BWA was to repair. It means that the team has to look at the entire road and to address the concerns of the residents in those areas,” she said, adding that the weather had compounded the issue.” (Nation News)

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