Salvation Army seeking $850 000

The Salvation Army is confident it will be able to reach this year’s Christmas kettle goal of $850 000, which is $100 000 more than last year’s target.

Chairman of its advisory board Paul Bernstein, speaking at the launch in Golden Square Freedom Park in Bridgetown yesterday, said the need for their services was greater than ever.

“The Salvation Army continues to provide day care centres for children; a men’s hostel, which also assists in accommodating male fire victims; we also assist in counselling and disaster relief services . . . and we plan to give out Christmas gifts to the homeless and less fortunate,” he said.

Bernstein said they had increased their donations.

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a large increase of the less fortunate coming to us for assistance and this has put more financial pressure on us as we try as much as possible to assist all those in need,” he said. (CA)

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