Rush to stock up on flying fish

In just a few hours, vendors at the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex sold thousands of flying fish as householders rushed to purchase the delicacy.

They believe people are trying to stock up ahead of the Easter public holidays when mostly fish is traditionally consumed. A glut has resulted in a drop in the price.

“I was real surprised. I never sell so much flying fish [so quickly]. I don’t know where the people come from. All now there’s still more fish in the boats. [On Friday] I sold about 10 000 fish in about three to four hours,” said vendor Akeem Noel.

He has never experienced such a rush as the last two days and by 10 a.m. most were gone . Flying fish are being sold at $25 per pack of 10 ready-boned and $130 for 100. (Nation News)

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