Rumble over CARICOM concert

CARICOM holiday celebrations set for July 31, which will feature a free national concert, have put organisers of the Hott 95.3 Soca Rumble in a bind.

However, although chief executive producer Adrian Clarke acknowledged he had some apprehension about competing with a national free event after they significantly invested in the new competition, he is open to working with Government to stage a joint production on that date.

“There is an obvious fear because we would be competing against a free event, so we will have to decide what will happen in the next 24 hours.

“It is going to be hard because we have to get the maximum number of people because a lot of money has been spent. If there is anything that will stop that from happening, I have to pause what I am doing. That’s the straightforward, financial sense,” Clarke said.  (TG)

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