Roberta Foster delivers CAC bronze

Equestrienne Roberta Foster was Barbados’ shining star yesterday as she brought home the island’s third medal and second bronze after a creative performance in the Dressage Freestyle.

It was also the island’s first individual medal in the sport as her outstanding performance earned a whopping 71.38 per cent.

In equestrian sports, dressage freestyle is a discipline that combines precise movements and choreography set to music. Like a dance routine performed by a horse and its rider, the goal is to showcase the horse’s athleticism, obedience, and coordination with the rider.

Astride her beautiful mare Chichic, Foster, whose father is the late Robin Hunte of the Merrymen, completed their routine to the sounds of Barbadian celebrity mogul Rihanna.

Mackenzie Manning, Foster’s 23-year-old cousin, also made Barbados proud in her first international outing by finishing in the top 12 in the Freestyle with a solid 66.05 per cent. Yvonne Losos of Dominican Republic won the gold medal while Juliana Gutierrez of Colombia won silver. (NM)

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