Repairs to bridge at Sea View Road

Repairs are being conducted to the bridge at Sea View Road in St Philip, and the bridge at this location has been closed.

Road users are advised to use the designated detour route from Long Bay Development Drive to Sea View Road, which has been marked with the relevant signage.

Vehicles traveling east on Belair Road towards the Sam Lords Resort will be directed to turn left at Sea View Road towards Highway 5, where vehicles will be allowed to turn right or left.

Vehicles traveling west onto Belair Road towards the Crane Roundabout will be directed to turn left at Long Bay Development Drive. They will then be directed to loop and return to Belair Road via Turtle Drive and proceed east towards Long Bay Road, turn left and then drive towards Highway 5.

Motorists are also reminded to avoid driving across residential properties in the area.

Infra Inc., the contractor executing roadwork in this area on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources, has advised that bridge repairs are expected to continue until Monday, August 14, 2023. (PR)

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