Ready for Crop Over climax

The “Sweetest Summer Festival”, Crop Over, is on the last lap and will climax in a spectacle with Grand Kadooment Day on Monday.

Then the streets will overflow with a sea of rich colours and striking costumes, backed by the sweet sounds of soca, when an estimated 12 000 masqueraders are expected to take the jump which departs from Warrens, St Michael and culminates on the Mighty Grynner Highway.

The registered 24 masquerade bands will assemble around 8 a.m. in the area of the Massy Dome Mall in Warrens and proceed along Green Hill, turning left onto Codrington Road to parade before the judges, who will be positioned in front of the National Botanical Gardens.

Revellers then move onto Waterford Road, making the right on to Station Hill, with many spectators and vendors expected to line the route to take in the spectacle of colours and the ultimate vibes.

When masqueraders reach the junction at Bank Hall Cross Road they will head to Eagle Hall, pass along Black Rock main road and continue to the Mighty Grynner Highway.

Due to the sometimes-erratic nature of the weather system, the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) has increased the number of watering stations to 15 and showers to seven at key points on the road. Grand Kadooment producer, Stacia Bryan said this was done out of an abundance of caution.

“So we can continue to make sure that the revellers are hydrated along the route,” she explained.

The NCF has also introduced activation points where live entertainment will be provided throughout the day.

In the first instance, the Israel Lovell Foundation and NCF’s Iron Massive will be based at Kool Air Auto Clinic on Bank Hall, while the Haynesville Youth Club and Alexandra Iron Massive will be stationed at Downes & Wilson Funeral Home on Eagle Hall. In addition, at the Sol gas station at the corner of Deacons, Phoenix Steel will be based, while Euphony Steel will be at Carlton A1 Supermarket in Black Rock.  (PR)

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