‘Raw bashment’ not for radio

Most of the songs that are being silenced on national radio stations this Crop Over season are raw bashment soca tunes.

Radio station managers are suggesting that artistes tweak their songs in order to get airplay.

Programme manager at Starcom Network, Ronald Clarke, said that of the hundreds of submissions to the stations, the majority of the rejected songs were bashment.

“There are 430 songs, including power. Sweet soca is in the majority and we are having a significant increase in social commentary coming to the station . . . . With the two tents that have opened, I’m sure we will get more.

“However, I think bashment soca suffered the most because if there are songs that don’t make it to radio, by and large they are bashment soca songs,” Clarke said.

He acknowledged that while the songs would be played elsewhere, broadcasters had different standards to uphold. (TG)

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