Putting tsunami drill in place

Climate change is increasing the possibility of more natural distaers happening, and so Barbadias should be aware of the correct protocols.

Department of Emergency Management (DEM) programme officer Damien Griffith made the point yesterday during the annual Caribe Wave Exercise which tested the entity’s response to a tsunami.

“Last year, we had the mesocyclone and that caught people off-guard. We have earthquakes off Barbados but it’s just not of that magnitude that may cause this response as yet. Preparation is key because if persons don’t know what to do or the emergency operations for themselves, they are just going to run all about the place and create more problems,” Griffith said.

Visitors and staff at Courtyard by Marriot, in Hastings, Christ Church, volunteered to be part of the exercise and were “evacuated” to the nearby Garrison Savannah. (Nation News)

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