Pub owner: Explore potential of jetty

A long-time St Peter businessman has some questions about the recently renovated, but temporarily closed Speightstown Jetty.

Although the owner of Fisherman’s Pub, Clement Armstrong, is thanking officials for renovating the jetty, he says the structure and the northern town’s full potential are not being fully explored.

“The jetty looks very nice. It brings some business to Speightstown because people started walking it after it opened, so they did a very good job, but tell us the purpose and give us a directive on the jetty.

“It was opened but now you have the sign telling me I can’t fish, ride or jump off. But when they opened it, there was game-fishing with all wide boats, not regular fishing boats. So if that is the directive, tell me,” Armstrong said.

Barbados Port Inc. announced in late July that the jetty would be temporarily closed from August 4-24 so that equipment, including a surveillance monitoring system and a water level radar sensor station, could be installed.  (TG)

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