Promise of bigger and better next year

Promise of bigger and better next year

Government is looking to make Emancipation Day bigger and better from next year.

During the annual celebration yesterday at the Emancipation Statue, commonly known as the Bussa Statue, in Haggatt Hall, St Michael, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office with responsibility for Culture Dr Shantal Munro-Knight said the modest crowd was a far cry from the thousands who marched during the early days of the celebration.

“Even though we would say we should have more persons here, I want to say we should not necessarily be bothered because it means we can do more; it means we have hope for next year,” she told the gathering made up of Pan-Africanists, Spiritual Baptists, members of the Rastafarian community and a few supporters.

“I want to say, as long as I am the Minister with Responsibility for Culture, from next year this celebration will be bigger, that we will put more resources into it . . . . We will invest in the education [and] the public awareness that is necessary to ensure that our young people . . . will understand and connect with the history and with the journey,” she said.

She also promised to help bring to light the contributions of women in the fight for Emancipation. (CA)

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