Prisoner: It was not a real escape

His wasn’t a real escape but more like an attempted escape as he didn’t get far, said Daniel Demetrius Allain.

And he believes he should get time served or a “CRD” for the offence.

Allain, formerly of Halls Village, St James, and now a prisoner at Dodds Prison, had just pleaded guilty in the No. 2A Supreme Court to, being a prisoner in lawful custody on April 7, 2022, having been arrested for the offences of rape and aggravated burglary, he escaped without the use of force.

“This wasn’t an escape,” he told the court yesterday. “This was an attempt. That wasn’t escape.”

He later challenged record keeper Constable Rudy Harris’ evidence, saying he had more than the 28 convictions the lawman had read out. (HLE)

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