Prescod: Poor people need houses too

Backbencher Trevor Prescod is far from satisfied with his Government’s ambitious policy to create 10 000 housing solutions, while many poor people he represents still remain homeless.

The St Michael East Member of Parliament made that clear in the House of Assembly yesterday, as he bemoaned the lack of true housing solutions for hundreds of lower-income workers who reside in his constituency as well as St Michael Central.

Prescod said he believed the policy aimed to get 10 000 new accommodations built could still leave most of those constituents without a home.

Known as not afraid to criticise his own administration, Prescod said he was having problems with some businesses and homes popping up along the borders of the controversial Zone 1 area in and around Waterford Bottom and The Belle, both in St Michael, while thousands of people in St Michael East remained unable to secure housing through the National Housing Corporation (NHC). (BA)

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