Police bid to boost ranks

The Barbados Police Service is still looking for a good few men and women to fill hundreds of vacant spots.

As such, it held its inaugural career showcase at Sheraton Mall, Sargeant’s Village, Christ Church, yesterday as part of a recruitment drive.

“We have 1 249 active members in the service and 281 vacancies from all over the service. The way it works is new recruits go through a rotation period, then are assigned to one of the various departments.Right now, we have vacancies in all [departments],” said human resources manager Superintendent Winston Holder.

Even the Barbados Police Service Band is suffering from a lack of personnel. Station Sergeant Jerome Clarke said they were looking to host a full drum corps and were missing several wind instrumentalists.

“The band is short by about 20 persons. We are still professional enough to perform well, as over the years many of the guys have studied music at the tertiary level, but we would like to get back a full drum corps, which is important for parades. We also need tuba players, trombone players and basically players for all the wind instruments,” he said. (CA)

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