Plans for a more inclusive BCC

With celebrations still ongoing for Disability Awareness Month, Barbados Community College (BCC) highlighted plans to make the institution more accessible for people with disabilities.

Principal Annette Alleyne revealed initiatives that would be implemented in the next financial year to allow physically-challenged students easier access to classrooms.

“We’re looking at repaving some of these areas and having ramps to go to the library and cafeteria. So in terms of the physical infrastructure we’re looking to make sure that the grounds and facilities are more accessible to those who may have physical challenges,” she said at the opening ceremony of the College Expo yesterday.

These students from The Lester Vaughan School learn about emergency services. (Picture by Tonia Atwell)

Alleyne continued: “In terms of those with learning challenges, we’ve had to find creative ways of engaging our students who might be hearing impaired or who can’t hear period and others who may have a different learning challenge. We’ve started introducing smart classrooms where we can stream and have the voices transcribed into words on the computers. We’re hoping to have a room on the ground floor as well dedicated to students who might not be able to access the other classrooms on the higher levels.”

Chairman of the Barbados Private Sector Association and past student of BCC, Trisha Tannis, applauded the college for its contribution to the social economic development of the country while pledging her support for its future endeavours.

“We don’t actually grasp the importance of institutions like this until we have to secure the same academic programmes elsewhere, then we realise the absolute gem we have here. And as I have the mic I will promote BCC as an excellent place to be and to further your studies, not only in Barbados, but abroad,” Tannis said. (RT)

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