Organisers ‘not afraid’ to turn up NIS pressure

Having staged a third march yesterday in protest of the Government’s attempt to increase the national retirement age, organisers say they are prepared to ramp up action if Government does not adjust its stance.

This is according to former Senator Lynette Eastmond, who said Government failed to answer their questions surrounding the National Insurance Scheme (NIS).

Meanwhile, fellow organiser and trade unionist Caswell Franklyn said he was prepared to keep the issue on the boil for as long as it takes to effect change in the proposed legislation.

People protesting against proposed pension reform are sending clear messages. (Picture by Sandy Pitt)

Speaking to the media at the start of yesterday’s march, which began at Pelican Village and ended at Golden Square Freedom Park in The City, Eastmond did not go into detail as to what further steps were being considered. . .

What appeared in the beginning to be just scores of people gradually increased to about 300 marchers moving through The City.  (CLM)

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