One COVID death over the holiday period

There was one COVID-19 death in Barbados from December 24, 2022 to January 6, 2023, taking the total to 569 since the first case was record.

Over that period, the island recorded 390 new cases from 1 888 tests and 23 people were reported to be hospitalised.

Overall, Barbados has 105 905 COVID-19 cases comprising 47 786 men and 58 119 women.

The number of cases has been steadily declining, but that is no reflection of the state of the illness in the community, as the number of people going to be tested has also shown a steep decline.

From 3 795 tests at the end of October when Government announced it would be discontinuing the daily dashboard, the number of tests fell to 3 275 at November 25 and 3 157 at the start of December. There was a further decrease to 2 425 by December 23.

The number of new cases has been fluctuating over that time.

Only two deaths have been recorded since the end of October. (SAT)

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