No mitigating factors’ in murder

Try as he might, said Justice Randall Worrell, he could find no mitigating features in Stephen Orlando Archer’s murder case.

And that was why, said the judge, he was sentencing Archer to a starting sentence of 40 years in prison.

“The court clearly finds that the threshold for a custodial sentence has been met; the planning, the premeditation to rob; the use of a firearm even though you were not the one who used the firearm. It was an act of home invasion in the most serious way,” the judge said yesterday.

However, Archer, 51, will serve just over 12 years or 4 437 days after deductions.

Archer, of Deighton Road, St Michael, was back in the No. 2 Supreme Court yesterday to be sentenced, after he had pleaded guilty at a previous Session of the Continuous Sittings to the non-capital murder of Wayne Ricardo Pilgrim, 37, of Thyme Bottom, Christ Church, on July 20, 2012. (HLE)

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