No gas detected on Tudor Street

When the team from the National Petroleum Corporation (NPC) returned to Tudor Street, The City, on Wednesday morning, no odour of natural gas was detected.

This is according to a media release issued by NPC which stated after successfully isolating the gasline the previous night, the Portable Methane Detector, which measures the level of natural gas present in the area, did not register any evidence of methane.

The release said NPC officers also liaised with several members of the business community regarding the original complaint. Feedback indicated that the natural gas scent was no longer present.

“The Natural Gas Mains Replacement Project is ongoing and is designed to replace aged infrastructure – cast iron pipeline, along Highway 7, My Lord’s Hill and Bridgetown,” said acting general manager Ian Bradshaw.

“Therefore, during these continued works we would like to sensitise the public of the possibilities of experiencing suspected gas leaks and strong scents of gas.”

The NPC said it would continue to monitor the area. (PR/SAT)


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