Nicholls throws hat in BCA ring

Gregory Nicholls will not sit idly by as the presidential post of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) hangs in the balance.

Come August 14, the attorney and senator will wrestle for the reins of the BCA.

Yesterday, the 48-year-old confirmed his interest in the top spot to Nation Sport.

“Circumstances have changed I’ve told them that I have been asked to run and I will accept any nomination that comes from the floor.”

Nicholls further revealed the reason for his ambitions.

“The membership has recognised that the BCA cannot continue as is. I see my role as how do I best facilitate the development of our cricket in a way that boys and girls are able to find a career pathway in cricket,” he said.

Having initially submitted the only nomination for the position of secretary, Nicholls believes that he can drum up his usual strong support.  (RW)

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