New Computer Misuse Bill

A new Computer Misuse Bill will soon be laid in Parliament as the current one needs to be replaced, not amended.

Attorney General Dale Marshall, who was speaking during the debate on the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure 2023/24 on Friday in the House of Assemble, outlined some of the areas it will address.

Among them are malicious communication, cyberbullying, cyberterrorism, computer fraud and child pornography.

“We will be dealing with people who commit child pornography. We will even be introducing new offences of something called grooming and specifically we are referring to something called child grooming. Grooming is when you encourage a particular individual along a particular line through communicating with them and manipulating them in order to abuse them,” Marshall said.

“So in other words, you tell them how beautiful they are, how nice they are, what a nice dress you are wearing, what a nice shirt you are wearing and so on, and you cajole them and you get them to the place where then you can abuse them sexually or otherwise.”

He added: “Computer misuse has become more than computer misuse and has become full-blown crime.” (Nation News)

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