Mottley: Act now

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley is calling on world leaders to move from talk to action on the issue of climate change.

She addressed the assembly on Monday at the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Cairo, Egypt, where climate change is the major item on the agenda.

Mottley said it was time for the major oil and gas companies to make a contribution in this area and there were ways to contribute to small developing nations which are feeling the effects.

“We have come here to ask us to open our minds to different possibilities. We believe that we have a plan. We believe that there can be the establishment of a climate mitigation trust that unlocks $5 trillion of private sector savings if we can summon the will to use $500 billion of Special Drawing Rights in a way that unlocks private sector capital,” she said. (Nation News)

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