Morgan Lewis Windmill set to reopen

One of the largest, most intact sugar windmills in the Caribbean is reopening for tours.

At the media launch of the Morgan Lewis Sugar Windmill in St Andrew on Saturday, manager Sherné Alleyne said that after a three-year hiatus, it was time for the mill to get rolling again.

“The mill was closed because of COVID. Now, we’re going to be working with the University of the West Indies’ Department of History and Philosophy where its head, Dr Henderson Carter, will be training university students to act as tour guides,” she said.

The mill will be opened Mondays to Thursdays and Saturdays.

“Barbados had more than 500 windmills back in the mid-1800s, so, for this one to still be here is significant to our cultural heritage. We are also encouraging local artists and artisans to come and take part – we have molasses, rum, local snacks, furniture and souvenirs all available…” (CA)

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