Ministry clears air on Textbook Grant

The Ministry of Education has sought to allay some of the concerns of parents regarding aspects of the implementation of the $100 Primary School Textbook Grant.

While some are concerned that if they do not have the receipt for the textbooks, it will stop them from benefitting, the Ministry of Education has made it clear that where parents or guardians have lost the receipt or it is damaged or faded, the child’s Class Teacher in conjunction with the Primary School Principal can sign off on satisfaction that the child has the textbooks so they may benefit from the grant.

“In addition, others have asked ‘why do I have to fill out a form’. It is important that parents and guardians decide who will be the one coming forward to accept the Grant. This is why they are asked to provide their banking or credit union information so that the money may be transferred from the Treasury to their account.

“In the event that that parent or guardian does not have a bank account or credit union account, they need to inform the school’s principal that they do not have one. Arrangements will then have to be made by the Treasury to facilitate access for them to the Grant through the issuance of a voucher to them,” stated the ministry.

In response to questions about what happens if they do not have access to a smart phone, tablet or computer, parents are told they would still be able receive the grant by filling out the forms that are being printed and would be available in schools.

The Ministry of Education has pledged to continue to make information available to parents and guardians. (PR)

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