Mia ‘front-runner’ for top UN post

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley is being touted as one of the main contenders to be the next secretary general of the United Nations, with a fellow regional leader saying she would get his vote.

A report published yesterday by the United States’ Cable News Network (CNN) stated: “In the hallways and backrooms of the United Nations headquarters in New York, Mottley is one of several names being floated as likely contenders.”

The next secretary general will take office in January 2027.

CNN said that last week, when asked if she will run for the office, Mottley “gave a thumbs up, smiled, and walked away. Unofficially, however, UN insiders say she’s a likely front-runner”.

Mottley delivered a strong message last week Friday at the 78th General Assembly of the UN where, among other things, she told rich European states which owe much of their vast wealth to the slave trade in the Caribbean, that they may soon be called on to face again a vigorous demand for slave reparations. (CNN/BW)

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