Mexican couple robbed at Heywoods

A couple visiting the island was robbed and assaulted yesterday evening.

Nation News understands that Jacob Hefner and his pregnant wife Gabriella de-La-Rosa both of Tulum, Mexico were robbed about 4:08 pm at  Heywoods Road, St. Peter of one handbag and its contents by two assailants.

Police said the perpetrators were engaged in a physical altercation with the victims before making off with the property in a motor car.

It’s understood that police responded to the report and the motor car was seen along Bourbon Road, St. Lucy.

The vehicle was pursued, and the chase ended in Diamond Corner, St. Peter, where the driver stopped and three men jumped out of the vehicle and escaped through a bushy area.

One man was held at the scene and is in custody.

Hefner received a laceration to his face and his wife was elbowed in her stomach.

They were transported to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for medical assistance.

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