Maximum of 15 years ‘not enough’

Change the law so that those found guilty of committing robberies with guns or other weapons can be sentenced to more than 15 years in prison.

This was the plea of Justice Carlisle Greaves as he bemoaned the fact that the current robbery legislation carried a maximum 15-year sentence regardless of whether it was the offender’s first or tenth offence.

“I have been advocating for some time that those in authority for making laws should revisit these provisions, particularly when firearms are used to commit these offences.

“The bane of this country is the prevalence of firearms. It seems that our young men are wearing firearms like they carry cell phones. It seems to be a badge of honour to be carrying around a firearm,” the judge noted.

Justice Greaves’ comments came as he imposed starting sentences of 14 years on the three men, one of whom had previous convictions for firearm and ammunition, who carried out the Monsta Grill robbery seven years ago.

Joel Omar Hunte, Damien Shavaine Proverbs, and Nathaniel Renaldo Robinson, all of Parish Land, Christ Church, had pleaded guilty to robbing restaurant owner Elvis Graham of $6 800, two cellphones, a pair of earrings, a chain and a ring; robbing Taja Neblett of a cell phone and $10; robbing Zariena Khan of a cell phone, a chain and $105; and robbing Andrew Maloney of a phone and $20, all on June 18, 2015. (HLE)


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