Manager pays for damaging drone

The manager who damaged a drone at a rally event in June has compensated the owner to the tune of $2 900.

Eric Laurence Allamby first appeared before the District “C” Magistrates’ Court at St Matthias in July, where he pleaded guilty to intentionally damaging a drone belonging to Daniel Boyce on June 11, or being reckless as to whether the device would be damaged. Allamby, who resides at No. 1 Black Bess, St Peter, is 35 years old.

When he returned before that court yesterday, Magistrate Joy-Ann Clarke ordered him to pay the compensation, after which she reprimanded and discharged him.

Previously, the court had heard from Sergeant Mary Eugene that the complainant, a filmmaker, owns Riada Design & Photography Studio, which specialises in drones. On the date of the incident, the Diatone Roma F5 Drone was being used at Padmore Village, St Philip, to capture the events as they unfolded during Sol Rally Barbados.

During the filming, a drone – valued $3 000 – fell to a low altitude and collided with one of the rally cars. Allamby, who was standing in an area nearby, picked up the drone after it fell and slammed it into the ground, before kicking it into a bushy area.

The owner retrieved and examined it, only to find that both left arms and the camera mount, which hold the propellers in place, were broken off. Boyce’s subsequent estimate was that it would take about $2 899 to replace the parts, pay for labour and take care of importation and shipping fees.

Allamby was represented by attorney Peta-Gay Le-brace.(SD)

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