Man who ‘groomed’ teen for sex jailed

A man deemed a “danger to young girls in society” and who “groomed” a 13-year-old child for sex through Facebook was sentenced to 15 years for rape as the No. 5 Supreme Court declared that a strong message must be sent that liaisons between older men and young girls will not be tolerated.

And though Jonathan Michael Grant will serve a remaining five years and 271 days for the offence after deductions for time on remand and his guilty plea were made, those years will begin after a sentence he is serving for a similar offence ends.

The 37-year-old jockey, of Villa Road, Brittons Hill, St Michael, had pleaded guilty, earlier in the Sessions, to having unlawful sexual intercourse with the girl, who was under the age of 14, on March 3, 2014.

A second charge of having unlawful sexual intercourse with her on February 25, 2014, was withdrawn after Grant was adamant he only had sex with the girl on one occasion. (HLE)

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