Major drug bust in Grenada

St George’s, Grenada – Police on Wednesday confirmed that they had seized drugs worth nearly half a million dollars during an operation last week and that several gunshots had been fired during the exercise.

“It was not a shoot-out, but the police did fire shots behind the suspects who fled the scene. During that drug bust we confiscated 200 pounds of cannabis with a street value of EC$453,600 and a vehicle,” said Assistant Superintendent of Police, Simon Douglas.

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Mitchell told Parliament on Tuesday that the gunshots were heard a short time after he had driven through the community which is in the St George’s North West.

He told legislators that following the gunshots people in the community were calling him frantically to confirm that he was not the target.

“I happened to pass just before, there was a serious confrontation with guns involving the police and some individuals. Literally there were gunshots heard in the streets between the police and those individuals.

“This was quite serious, I got calls, people were frightened and were asking me what was going on because I was there not long before,” Mitchell said, adding that such an incident brings to light the serious crime issues now facing  the island.

“And therefore, it gives me the opportunity to comment a little further because it involves me and I am sure there are other issues involving other citizens in this country.

“Any one of us can go down because of what is taking place, increase in murders, suicide and violent actions that are engulfing this country, it is one that should occupy all our minds, it is not about government nor about the opposition or about any other group,” the Opposition Leader added.

Douglas, who is also the head of the Community Relations Department, said the search is continuing for the suspects. (CMC)

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