Lizzo dancer claims others are scared to speak out

Two of Lizzo’s former dancers, who are suing the pop star for misconduct, have claimed others are scared to speak out.

Arianna Davis and Crystal Williams said they had filed the claim hoping to prevent colleagues from suffering.

Ms Williams told CBS she wanted to ensure that other dancers who work with Lizzo “don’t have to go through that same experience”.

Lizzo and others on her team who are accused have been asked for a comment.

The singer has not yet responded publicly to the allegations made in the case, which have yet to be tested in court.

The legal action against the Brit and Grammy Award-winner includes accusations of sexual, religious and racial harassment, discrimination, assault and false imprisonment.

Ms Davis and Ms Williams both toured with Lizzo – real name Melissa Jefferson – after featuring on her Amazon Prime Show, but say they were subsequently sacked.

In the legal claim, Ms Davis alleges she was pressured to attend sex shows while on tour in Europe with the star, even though it was against her religious beliefs.

She also alleges that earlier this year Lizzo organised a night out for the dancers in a strip club in Amsterdam and said she felt pressured into touching a naked performer’s breasts as the star was leading chants of her name until she did so.

“I’m so new to this industry,” Ms Davis told the CBS network. “And for this to be my first experience is really crazy.”

She went on to say that “nobody speaks up because they’re so scared for their jobs,” adding: “I was terrified for my job.”

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