Licensing Authority introducing commercial plates

The Barbados Licensing Authority (BLA) is introducing registration number plates for vehicles that are registered as commercial or trade vehicles. The plates will be white with blue text and carry the letter ‘C’ along with the assigned registration number.

Effective September 2023, owners of existing commercial vehicles which currently carry regular parish plates will be required to transition to the new ‘C’ plates based on their vehicle renewal date. If the renewal date has passed for this year, the change will be made in 2024.

Now in the pilot phase, the BLA, in collaboration with the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA), has already started allocating commercial registration numbers to new commercial and trade vehicles. Therefore, some vehicles are already displaying the new ‘C’ plates.

Based on the renewal date, vehicle owners or their representatives should pay the renewal fee at the BRA’s Pine or Warrens branches, or online via­ and then collect the registration disc from the BRA. The public is reminded that only registration discs for commercial vehicles may be collected at this time.

According to Section 2 of the Road Traffic (Amendment) Act, 2018-31, a commercial vehicle refers to a motor vehicle or trailer that is used for hire, reward, or in a business enterprise. However, vehicles that are required to display the new ‘C’ plates are motor vehicles and trailers owned by a business, company, sole proprietor, or trader, used for any type of business, except in the capacity of public service vehicles (PSVs).

Examples of commercial or trade vehicles that are required to display the new ‘C’ plates are:

Delivery vehicles
Articulated vehicles (container trucks)
Pickup trucks (single or double cab) doing business
Paneled vans
Freezer trucks
Dump trucks
All types of trucks doing business
Vehicles registered as goods vehicles to conduct driving tests
Privately owned ambulances

Vehicles such as taxis, maxi taxis, route taxis, minibuses, tour coaches, and hire vehicles are excluded from displaying ‘C’ plates.

The registration fee for new commercial or trade vehicles is $1 000.00.

However, the renewal fee for commercial or trade vehicles is based on the type of vehicle, for example – light goods, heavy goods, and articulated vehicles all carry different renewal fees.

The registration of commercial vehicles can be completed online at or at the Pine or Warrens branches of the Barbados Revenue Authority. For further information, please contact the BLA at 536-0262 or 536-0274. (PR/MTWW)

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