Lester Vaughan School supports breast cancer awareness

Pink was the order of the day on Friday as The Lester Vaughan School participated in breast cancer awareness month.

Teacher Sandra Harris presented representatives from the Breast Screening Programme of the Barbados Cancer Society with funds collected through shirt sales and donations by students and staff.

Principal of The Lester Vaughan School, Anthony Alleyne, explained that the event was one of the activities he wanted make a part of the school’s annual calendar.

“As a school, we reached out to the Barbados Cancer Society as well as representatives from the polyclinic in Warrens to share with us, because we truly believe that our students need to realise and appreciate that they are part of a bigger community. We also wanted to impress upon them the importance of being able to donate and to give to others as well as to celebrate and acknowledge things of a bigger purpose on a national level,” Alleyne said.

Meanwhile, nurse administrator Sasha Catlyn said donations such as these went towards the purchase of new equipment, critical in the early detection of breast cancer.

She demonstrated how to examine the breast for lumps and urged students to make it a part of their routine.

“The earliest diagnosis that I have seen is 18 years old, and 18, that is in your age bracket, which means that you are about to step into adulthood. Therefore, this is why we choose to come to schools now to educate you guys on how to examine yourself, what are the signs and symptoms and what you should do as a young teenager,” she said.

Walk manager Michelle Straughn thanked the school on behalf of the Barbados Cancer Society.

Breast cancer awareness is marked in October annually.  (JK)



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