Leadpipe and Jus-Jay’s Brain Freeze is the people’s choice

Leadpipe and Jus-Jay’s Crop Over smash hit Brain Freeze has captured the 2023 Starcom Network/Flow People’s Monarch Competition.

The song claimed 60 per cent of the vote to finish ahead of Chiief Diin’s You Know Da, and earned the $15 000 prize.

Expressing shock after the win, Leadpipe said he thought the result would have been much closer.

He admitted they weren’t expecting the song to do as well as it has, especially in Barbados.

“Honestly, I know it would have been different,” he said, adding, they thought it would have done well overseas, before being embraced by the local audience.

He thanked the members of the public as well as Jus-Jay for putting his touch on Brain Freeze.

Smiling throughout the presentation, Chiief Diin, known more as a rapper, hugged the winner. He won $4 000.

Asked how he got involved in Crop Over, he said “at the end of the day” he was an artiste.

“I like the vibe; I like the feedback I get. I want to thank all the followers, all the fan base and everybody that help me get this far; hopefully, next year for sure, more vibes.”

Starcom Network Programme Director, Ronald Clarke, who made the announcement at the River Road complex, said the action was hot this year. He said the songs “caught the imagination of the public … that has demanded their appearances and the DJs play these songs at every possible event across the country”. (SAT)


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