Lawyer wants lesser fine

The prosecution believes Davey Reynold Prescod should pay $20 000 for the loaded firearm he was caught with in 2008, but his attorney says it should be closer to $17 000 to account for the age of the matter.

Prescod will learn his fate when he returns to the No 4 Supreme Court in February.

The businessman, of No. 1 Whitehall, St Michael, had pleaded guilty to having a .40-calibre semi-automatic pistol and eight rounds of ammunition on December 10, 2008.

He is being represented by King’s Counsel Andrew Pilgrim, while State Counsel Kevin Forde prosecuted.

“This is an unfortunate situation I find myself in. I have changed my life over the years – a drastic, drastic change,” he said. “I was trying to save my life and my family from peril at the time.” (HLE)

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